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    Chinki Pinki is just a small version of our young entrepreneurs’ active brains. Chinki Pinki has started with Bollywood but does not stop at that point only but we are expanding Chinki Pinki from Bollywood to Cinema News, Updates, Events, Movies, Fashion Shows, Live In Concerts, Wallpapers, Marathon Events and many more. So you can consider as a large size full package of entertainment.

    Chinki-Pinki website is very easy to go. Any person can track his searched results in . Users can get whatever they want from covered sections of Chinky Pinky. You can search by costume, brand, actor/actress and city wise data/informations.

    The uniqueness of ChinkiPinki is that you can send inquiry/ comment to buy/get same bollywood replica costumes, which are recently used by Indian celebrities. You will get here all the latest news about Bollywood Stars from any event to movies or any controversies.

    I’m pretty sure that Chinki Pinki will be one stop and favorite destination for any search about bollywood and all covered sections.


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    Which 2014 Movie Touch Your Heart ? ?
    PK - Peekay
    OMG - Oh My God
    Jai Ho
    Happy New Year
     PK - Peekay Poll  49.41%
     OMG - Oh My God Poll  24.23%
     Jai Ho Poll  12.95%
     Happy New Year Poll  13.41%
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